Valentine Special 10 Vastu tips

10 Vastu tips for long lasting relationship goals this Valentine
It’s that time of the year when the weather seems just fine and all is adorned in pink and red – the colours of passion. But in this fast-moving digital age, it is actually a challenge to keep relations steady with fresh romantic vibes from time to time. While to try to keep the balance intact, here is some help from vastu shastra. Believe it or not, vastu can bring a lot of positive change in your relationship if you pay attention to the following details.

Vastu tip 1
The Master bed-room for couples who are in-charge of the family should always be in South-West. This makes the bonding and the love ties stronger.

Vastu tip 2
Couples should have idols of love birds, doves or rabbits (all in pairs) in their bedroom. There can also be an image of Radha and Krishna – the most romantic couples in the Hindu Pantheon in the bedroom. But only choose their painting or a modern art and do not place them as the image of God and Goddess. Pictures of the dead and departed souls and those that depict violence are not ideal in a couple’s bedroom.

Vastu tip 3
Mirror should be hidden and their exposure avoided while romancing or expressing love. Larger the mirror, there would be greater strain in the marital relationship.

Vastu tip 4
Walls of the master bedroom in the south-west direction should be painted in pink or grey colors for harmony and peaceful love in the relationship. It also removes negativity, if any, from the relation.

Vastu tip 5
Wife should always sleep on the left side of the husband for a harmonious and loving relationship.

Vastu tip 6
There should be one single or queen size bed. One should strictly avoid two beds or mattresses joined together. This may create tension between the two.

Vastu tip 7
For a happy marital life, photos of couples should be displayed in the West direction.

Vastu tip 8
To make the bedroom attractive and pleasant for the couple and also to have positive energy, aromatic and red/pink/pastel shade candles, floral decorations, pink rose crystals should be used.

Vastu tip 9
The North to East area of the house should be kept completely clean, clutter free and color compliant. There should be small trees and blue or green color are highly essential.

Vastu tip 10
Extensive use of electrical gadgets should be avoided in the bedroom as they distract relationships by creating stress and tension.



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