UML retains 70 years age limit for office bearers

The CPN-UML has retained the 70-year age limit for office bearers in the party.

A person who has not completed 70 years of age will be allowed to be a candidate in the UML General Convention and complete one term. Accordingly, the office bearers elected before completing 70 years of age will remain in office till they are 75 years old. A person who has completed 70 years of age will not be allowed to be a candidate for any post at any level.

This has paved way for incumbent Chairman KP Oli to contest another term in the National General Convention to be held in coming November.

Likewise, the UML’s Central Committee will have 225 members. There will be one chairman, 5 vice chairmen, including senior vice chairman, one general secretary, one deputy general secretary and seven secretaries. Thus, the central body will have 15 office bearers. A secretariat will also be run from the center.

The party has, however, scrapped the politburo system.

Similarly, delegates strongly raised the issue of adopting a directly elected prime ministerial system in UML Statute General Convention. Though the convention will not pass a resolution on the issue, it will be taken up for further debate.

The issue of discipline was also raised strongly. The issues of transparency in the division of labor, increase in women’s participation, presence of women at the leadership level were also loud.

In the three-day Statute General Convention that began from Friday, leaders presented statute amendment proposal, organizational proposal and political proposal for discussion among delegates divided into 10 groups and proposal drafters responded to queries and suggestions coming from groups.

A Standing Committee meeting was also held on the sidelines of the Statute General Convention Sunday.


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