The government is preparing to take action against those carrying dual citizenship

The fact that some Nepali nationals who have left Nepal and gone abroad have not renounced their Nepali citizenship.

Here is a legal provision that those who take citizenship of another country abroad have to give up Nepali citizenship. The concept of dual citizenship is not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution and Citizenship of Nepal and if found to be so, it is clearly mentioned in the Act that strict action will be taken as per the prevailing law.

Now, the facts that Nepalis living in different countries of the world, especially in India, have taken the citizenship of both the countries have started to become public. The Government of Nepal does not have a complete record of renunciation of Nepali citizenship after the person concerned has acquired foreign citizenship.The Ministry of Home Affairs says that cooperation with the concerned countries is necessary to keep adequate statistics on which Nepali citizens have obtained the citizenship of which country. Similarly, clear arrangements should be made for action against those who act against the law.

At present, the government does not have the record of anyone other than the person who sends information about renunciation of citizenship through the concerned embassy. The amendment bill of Nepal’s Citizenship Act 2063 is currently under discussion in the parliament. Officials say that many things will become clear after the amendment.

If we look at the neighboring country India, Nepalis have been living in big cities including the capital New Delhi for a long time. They have been in various businesses for decades. Take for example the Everest Chamber of Commerce, an umbrella organization of Nepali businessmen in India. Spread over most of the cities of India, this organization alone has about 1600 Nepali businessmen as members. There are no statistics on the number of such organizations of Nepali businessmen in India. On the other hand, it has been claimed that most of the businessmen doing business in India have dual citizenship.

The identity of any country is determined by its citizenship. Not all countries have the same laws, rules and procedures. Not only is Nepal’s border with India connected, the entire southeastern and western border is open. The transaction has been taking place even on Thursdays and the citizens of both the countries have been able to go to each other’s countries to work according to their skills and stay indefinitely. As India is many times larger than Nepal in terms of population, the issue of Nepali citizenship seems to be complicated.

Legally, if a Nepali does not renounce his Nepali citizenship after acquiring the citizenship of another country, he must face action according to the prevailing law. A bill has been tabled in the parliament to give citizenship to non-resident Nepalis other than South Asian countries, including India, for economic, social and cultural rights other than political rights.


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