Sanjay Jha, the king of crores of swindler, has been jailed

Sanjay Jha, who was arrested for scamming crores of rupees in the name of various colleges, has been sent to the jail on the order of the District Court, Kathmandu who was earlier on the remand of police. Having connection in the Ministry Of education, Jha had been swindling crores of rupees from the public.

About four years ago, Praveen Kumar Jha of Dhanusha had been told that the Kathmandu-based Kent Group would buy 100% shares of Kent College of Technology and Management and operate.Sanjay Jah has also made the personal deal by offering Pravin Jha the shares of Kent Groups and colleges.

The chairman of the Kent Group Deepak Prasad Mishra And Sajany Kumar Jhaconvinced Praveen Jha to invest more than 20 million through the connivance of Accounts Branch employee Mukesh Maharjan hoping to get the share he was entitled to. However, despite the several attempts, Praveen Kumar Jha failed to get his shares and lodged a complaint against Kent group at the Kathmandu Police station. Sanjay Jha and Maharjan has been arrested on 26th August after the complaint was lodged against them while the charman of the Kent group is still absconding.The accuse Sanajy Jah, fromRautahat, is the director of Kent College of Technology and Management in Buddhanagar, Forbes College Chitwan whereas, Mukesh Maharjan is the account officer of Kent college of technology and management.

What is in the police investigation report?
According to the Police Investigation report, it has beenunstated that Praveen kumar Jha has transferred s forty one lakh fifty thousand from Minds Frame Solution, similarly Npr seventy-one Lakh forty-three thousand and five hundred from System Analysis and Software Solution and remaining seventy nine lakh forty four thousand six hundred and thirty-four rupees on his own name to Sanjay Jha and toKent Group for several expenses till date.

Praveen jha managed money by keeping his property as collateral in Om Bikash bank and NIC Asia Bank to invest in the company, however, he never got the shares that he was entitled to. On the other hand, Mishra and Sanjay Jha sold out the college overshadowing the consent of board of members and also migrated college to Dharan. There have been so many irregularities came into light by both of them against the student’s causing injustice to the students.

Four Years have been passed, Pravin Jha neither got his share ownership nor got his share back. His property is still pledged in the bank, and he is managing Interest somehow to save his property from auctioning.

What is in the order of Kathmandu District Court?
Sanjay Jha has been remanded in custody in one case on bail of Rs 2.2 million and in two other cases. Similarly, in the case of Mukesh Maharjan, the Kathmandu District Court has issued a bail order of Rs 1 lakh 50 Thousand in three cases at the rate of Rs 50 Thousand.

Who is Sanjay Jha?
He is the founding director of Kent Group, including Kent College of Technology and Management, Kent International College, Forbes College, Chitwan and held various decision-making positions. By relocating money from the group’s investment, Jha has filed Forbes college shares in his personal name and is seen as the chairman of the college. It is seen that he has raised over Rs 10 million by signing a sale and purchase agreement with Lokendra Shrestha of Dharan without informing the share members of Kent International College.
Similarly, Jha seems to have traded Prabin Kumar’s initial investment in a company / college called Wellhams Education Network to Suyogya Man Tuladhar of Laltipur for crores of rupees. Sanjay Jha also has good approach to Nepali politics. He is the brother-in-Law of parliament member Mr. Amar Singh. For the past seven years, Jha has been abusing his elder brother’s access to the parliament and influencing the Ministry of Education. He is found raising millions of rupees blandishing people for look after their ceased work at ministries level.

It seems that Jha has taken money from various investors for the college of the same name as an investment and has made a letter from ministry as per the need and made it available to various investors. On the basis of the same letter, the investors have also enrolled students by spreading advertisements and publicity about the admission in their respective places and later it was understood that this was done with the intention of making the investors illegal.

Similarly, for colleges and students who are not even aware of the University of Georgia (UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA), examinations are conducted in the name of the University of Georgia. Such an examination took place UNIES Education (M) Sdn. Bhd., In collaboration with Malaysia it was open for. In this way, Jha has not only conducted examinations of colleges like ICHM Nepal, NTP college, but has also been doing illegal work for the batch of 2013 batches of students enrolled in KSOU of ICHM Nepal and ICHM Lalitpur, from designing to distributing syllabus.

UNIES Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (UNIES Nepal, Country Office, Lalitpur-17, Kathmandu, Nepal; Email: It has been seen that the universities (E. H. E.) are also conducting other activities from conducting examinations.

So far, no investigation has been carried out by the concerned agencies for the validity of the transcripts and transcripts distributed under the coordination. According to a source, Jha has been committing such criminal activities by abusing his brother-in-law’s position and power in the ministry as he is the sister-in-law of Congress MP Amaresh Kumar Singh.

Abusing brother-in-law’s position Sanjay Jha has been preying on various individuals and companies for a long time.


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