Firoz diverts his money into casinos in Nepal

Firoz Sama an Internationally known as a Wildlife Mafia diverts his money into Nepal Casino business.

Firoz was once a dangerous wildlife mafia who was often seen With wild animals and guns on internet media and was involved into wildlife trafficking allover the world. Firoz suddenly decided and stopped the underworld trade and diverts his money into casinos in Nepal.

Firoz is known as a international most dangerous wild life mafia but now he wants to change his business into casino and hotels. Firoz finds Nepal upcoming in tourism business and knows that he can multiply his money safely into hotels and casino business, and also can change his profile from a mafia into a white collar businessman.

Recently we have news about Firoz from sources that he is been diverting his International funds into Nepal casino and hotels as he plans to make this his business hub. Firoz is an intelligent businessman and he has been successfully established businesses in multiple countries like Dubai, Italy, Africa, Russia and Thailand. Now he is planning his new ventures in Nepal.

Firoz has been visiting Nepal now often with his team as per confirmation from sources.

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