Nabil Bank announced to establish ‘Digi Bank’.

Nabil Bank Limited has announced the establishment of ‘Digi Bank’. On the occasion of the 36th anniversary of the bank, CEO Anil Keshari Shah announced the establishment of Bank’s ‘DG Bank’. Slogan of Digi Bank is ‘Life is safe now’.

Global trend of staff layoffs; Why organizations should not be firing their employees during Crisis

The Great Depression of 1930 taught a lesson to the entire world that is still relevant even after nine decades. At the onset (because, it started in 1930) of the crisis, many organizations resorted to the option of firing employees citing the reason of cost cutting. But International Business Machine Corporation popularly called IBM, one of the giant technology company, adhered to the principle of retaining employees during more than 5-year long crisis, that began to subside after the US Government Fiscal Stimulus Plan.

Tax submission deadline extended

The Inland Revenue Department has extended the deadline for submission of tax details and tax. The deadline has been extended until June 21.

World Bank provides Rs 12 billion loan to Nepal 

The World Bank has approved Rs 12 billion loan to Nepal to reform electricity sector and boost recovery from COVID-19 crisis. The World Bank Board of Executive Directors today approved the Development Policy Credit (DPC) of some Rs 12 billion to continue support to the Nepal government in improving the financial viability and governance of the electricity sector and recovering from the COVID-19 crisis, said a press release issued by WB Head Office in Washington DC.


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