The government is preparing to take action against those carrying dual citizenship

The fact that some Nepali nationals who have left Nepal and gone abroad have not renounced their Nepali citizenship. Here is a legal provision that those who take citizenship of another country abroad have to give up Nepali citizenship. The concept of dual citizenship is not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution and Citizenship of Nepal and if found to be so, it is clearly mentioned in the Act that strict action will be taken as per the prevailing law.

Jakarta flooding deaths rise to 53, nearly 175,000 displaced

Nearly 175,000 people remain displaced in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta and nearby towns, after flash floods and landslides killed at least 53 people, amid some of the heaviest rain since records began, authorities said on Saturday.

Australia’s Auburn: A home to 2,500 Nepali speakers

The highest number of Nepali speaking people live in Auburn, a suburb which is 22 kilometers west of Sydney. According to the latest Census result, a little less than 2,500 Nepal people live in this bustling western Sydney suburb, which also houses a few Nepali restaurants and grocery shops.


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