Transportation Service Resumes

Transportation entrepreneurs have resumed public transportation service inside the Kathmandu Valley and other districts from Thursday. As per the decision of the Federation of Nepalese National Transport Entrepreneurs Association, most of the transportation companies have resumed their service as per the demand of the passengers.

Palung-Naubise Road Section Obstructed

The Palung-Naubise road section along the Tribhuvan Highway has come to a halt. Police Inspector of Area Police Office Khanikhola Ruk Bahadur Khadka informed a landslide occurred at Satghumti along the road section since this morning disrupted the road traffic here.

Couples who sweat together, stay together

Its time to rekindle your love for each other with a twist of fitness. A partnership in any form, a gym partner or life partner, is always a beautiful aspect of life. It is said that your partner in crime brings out the best in you. Hence, “Couples Who Train and Sweat Together, Stay Together!”

Following foods keep your uric acid at normal levels

Presence of high uric acid in bloodstream can cause gout. To prevent this condition, it is essential to watch your eating habits. A healthy eating and proper medication could help you maintain uric acid at normal levels.

TEN ways to make your child smarter

In her book Einstein Never Used Flash Cards, Dr Kathy Hirsh-Pasek makes the case that your younger kids need the opportunity to just be kids and that too many parents try to get their children to turn into academic geniuses at too young an age.

Nepali recipe: How to prepare mutton pakku?

Mutton pakku is a delicious recipe especially served in nepali kitchen. Mutton meat is something that is most popular in entire Nepal, among all the cultural, social and ethnic groups.

TEN tips for newbie runners

All new runners have ended with errors at some point during their training and racing. Here are some of the most common running mistakes and how you can avoid running injuries and other issues.

Why children are unhappy?

Every morning when we say goodbye to our children at the school gate, we send them off on a perilous journey.


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