Binod Chaudhary : First Nepali billionaire

Binod Chaudhary is a famous and successful Nepalese businessman, industrialist, politician of the political party called Nepali Congress. He is the current chairman of CHAUDARY GROUP (CG), ahead of nearly 80 companies. Chaudhary is also the first Nepali billionaire.

Besides business, Chaudhary has been involved in several other Government and social service sectors. He worked as a member of constituent assembly and parliament of Nepal from April 2008 A.D to May 2012 A.D.His CG Foundation works for the social welfare and he often contributes in various areas for the development of Nepal.

Early Life and Education
Binod Chaudhary was born in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal as a son of Lunkaran Das Chaudhary and Ganga Devi Chaudhary. He was raised in Kathmandu with his two brothers Arun Chaudhary and Basant Chaudhary. His grandfather was a textile trader and an owner of the small textile store in Kathmandu. Later, his father transformed the same store to Arun Emporium which is considered to be Nepal’s first department store.

Chaudhary converted the store to a conglomerate which is the biggest corporate houses in Nepal till the date. Later, his father suffered from heart illness then he left his studies at the age of 18 and started the same business. then he married to Sarika and they have three children Niravanya Chaudhary, Rahul Chaudhary, and Varun Chaudhary.

Business and Industry
Chaudary was inspired from his grandfather and father, Chaudhary always aimed to become a big industrialist of Nepal. After more than four decades of continuous hard work, he captures his dreams as he developed the Chaudhary Group to the biggest Multinational industry of Nepal which worth is more than billions of dollars.

Forbes magazine has listed him as a billionaire in 2014 A.D and he is the 1,460th richest person in the world. Now(2018 A.D), he is the 1561st richest person in the world.
Today CG stands as a transnational conglomerate which consists of nearly 80 companies spanning five continents of the world. It has more than 65 brands in 30 countries of the world with more than 6500 employees. Of its food brands,

‘Wai Wai’ noodles have been the most successful business in his career. The brand produces more than a billion packets of noodles annually and is traded over more than 35 countries worldwide. He has publicly stated that much of his success doing business in Nepal has come from his ability to make connections with the right people.

Chaudary is the Richest person of Nepal. He is famous for his social service, hard work, politics and a successful business of Nepal. His brand is regarded as the best selling goods of Nepal.

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